Monday, May 03, 2010

The Blinker's On...

Spiritually I feel as though I've just put my blinker on, and I'm about to coast down an off ramp into a new adventure on a different road. No, ministries won't end. They are simply being fine-tuned. By my loving Father. The One in the driver's seat.

He's been quite clear - steer from certain things that might distract. Change lanes so new leaders can pass by. Mentor new leaders, and celebrate the changing lanes. Find my spot on the road; the place where I can enjoy the wind flowing thru my hair as I drive with the sunroof open, enjoying the wonder of all God has blessed me with, and the love of my family and friends.

I'm selfishly following God wherever He leads, whatever it may look like. Obedience is critical. It's far too easy to get caught up chasing the expectations and strategies of ministry growth and industry success, all to the danger of losing sight of God. May that never happen in my life. May I never lose sight of God, my family, or my distinct calling.

What will my life and ministry look like a year from now? Not sure. But I can tell you this: it will be wonderful. How can I be so sure? Because my ultimate goal is to be in the center of God's will for my life, in every season, on every day. So, how could it not be wonderful, if it is God's best for me?

The message He's given me is not fading with this lane change. In fact, I feel it bubbling up with more fervency than ever. More boldness. I feel Him calling me to be free to go wherever, whenever, however. To proclaim. To encourage. To set the captives free. And, apparently, this means following the early church model rather than the current industry standards of "success" in a few areas. Scary to go against the flow, but wonderfully freeing to know that I'm following God's methods of proclaiming over the world's strategy.

What does this new lane look like in my life?

I've take my hands off of a few things. A few positions in ministry. Not because I don't love serving there, but because God is asking for more of me in my focus on speaking and writing.

I've taken away all set fees for speaking. Why? I never want the issue of money to keep me from encouraging and proclaiming. If you can get me there (transportation and lodging) then I'll be there.

I'll be working on projects I've felt the Lord calling me to do for a few years now - things that I never seem to have the time for, because of other obligations. Well, He's calling me to focus. And, so I will.

I have a fresh commitment to promote Jesus over any project, any book, any ministry. No matter how useful, cute, or well written.

If I come away from any project, event, book, or conversation, and the listener/reader remembers me more than they do Jesus, then I will have failed. I've always embraced this truth, but the intensity of this truth is overwhelming at the moment. Oh, Lord, help me proclaim the truth with boldness. More of You. None of me.

Will you pray for me as I step out in this fresh lane of faith? As the blinker ticks away, while I coast down the off ramp to my new adventure with Jesus? I sure would appreciate it. To God be the glory.