Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stepping Out in Faith Without Stepping On Toes?

Eight months ago, God began a work in my heart that is difficult to explain. Thirteen weeks into that transformation, I wrote a note here called "One Thing" that described where I was in my journey.

Twenty three weeks past that moment, I realize that this is not just a process for my benefit (as everything the Lord does in our life is for His glory and not our own...) but to be used as a testimony to draw others to this same freedom. Yes, in my "One Thing" note, I tried to be vague. Universal. Address the unspoken needs of life. Keep away from any hint of offending anybody by sharing details.Yet God says, share it all. Go there. Talk about the touchy issues no one wants to talk about. Bring the secrets to life. Go there. Show that freedom from the destructive talk in our head comes from the One who brings true freedom. Expose the cycle of pain that comes from conforming to the world's standards and expectations. Share the truth in love, without condemnation, judgment, expectation. Just share.

What a leap of faith! As a people pleaser at heart, it's much easier not to step out, because then you don't have to worry about stepping on people's toes. Getting in their business. Addressing an issue they'd rather avoid. Yet God says share. Why?

Because I've been there, and am still there, in the process. Because I recognize why people avoid the topic, and how we make excuses - avoiding the promise of freedom that comes from hitting it head on and never going back to the world's wisdom. Because we've all gone on a diet at some point in our lives, to try to live up to the expectations of the world around us. Because it has nothing to do with a scale, a number, a size or an image. Because being a living sacrifice to God involves our whole life, not just the things we can do without, or do well.

My motivation? Certainly not to say I've got it all together, or that I'm better than anyone. If anything, I've found a deeper sense of humility than I've ever experienced - through a new understanding of the depth and love of God and His grace extended to us. To bring freedom to those trapped in a cycle they see no end to. To love as He loves. To proclaim freedom to the captives.

By what authority and power? Through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the leading of God alone. Nothing I can say, and nothing I've done - only the revelation that He wants to be a part of our process. Lord of our process. Glorified.

And so, I'm stepping out in faith, preparing to talk about the last thing I'd ever want to share in public. Why? Because God said so. Even if I step on toes. Why? Because His power is perfected in my weakness, and He brings freedom that no diet can.

Please pray for me as I step out to share this message on December 3rd. It's a big step. Sure, I've done many events before, but this one has a special potential to radically transform the way we view food, diets, and our relationship with God. Not a diet plan, but a relationship with the Almighty like we've never known before. Selah.

Join us! December 3, 2009, 7 to 8 pm Bevill Center, Room 280, Huntsville, AL

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