Monday, May 12, 2008

Ready for Summer...


I am so ready for summer!


'Cause I get to see this crazy bunch of folks once again. Our son, the hamburger head on the left, is crazy about his cousin Ella and Uncle Hilarious. Along with the rest of the gang who refused to be caught in a photo with these tourists who were caught with thoughts of a cookout on their mind...

In a few short weeks we'll be visiting their little neck of the woods - trading in hamburgers and hot dogs for lobster rolls and whale watching tours...just can't wait. That reminds me - I can't forget to pack the Dramamine!

What Seven Pounds of Dog Hair Look Like?

Ok, a little comic relief here.

See the beautiful white dog in the top picture? (Pay no attention to the boy in the background...LOL!) Now look at the second photo of the same pup, after a day at the groomer. Seven pounds of fur, ladies and gentlemen. Seven pounds. That's what we left on the groomer's floor.

Why do such a thing? Well, for one, the poor pooch was panting and hot way too early in the season. Second of all, every time we brushed her, our son (the hiding one...) exclaimed that we got a Chihuahua's sized hair ball. Brush a GP (Great Pyrenees) and you get a Chihuahua. Who knew.

Oh, how she is happy to be rid of that fur coat as the weather warms up. Even though it took a day or two for her to get used to her new, lighter feeling...she loves it. Really she does. Yet another little slice of our family life...

Ready to Host an Event?

Ok. Shameless plug, and even more shameless request. But seriously, folks, Krissy and I are planning out our traveling schedule for the Greater Living Women's Conference, and we are praying for hosts to come forward to help us get our message out in different cities across the US. We are working on some initial dates, but always looking for more areas.

What is the Greater Living Women's Conference? Think of it as a modern day revival for women. A breakthrough for all of us who feel like we just can seem to tap into the victory God has already given us through Christ Jesus. An event for women who need a fresh outlook in their walk of faith, and a boost in their spiritual growth.

Let's get together in your city, and impact the hearts of the women in your community! Let's bring revival to the heart of today's woman. In this one day conference for women, I present three sessions, and Krissy Nordhoff sings multiple sets of praise and worship, and gives a mini-concert of her new releases as well. Together, our prayer is that God will touch each person who attends in a special way...that her life will be forever changed as a result.

For more information about the conference, check out our new website,, and contact us about hosting an event!

Thanks, friends. I look forward to seeing you soon.


The Flint River Par-Tea - May 2008


Generations together, celebrating our relationships with each other and our relationship with Jesus Christ. The event shown here was a Ladies Tea that included the finest china, the sweetest treats, and a session on Leaving a Legacy. I enjoyed teaching this session to women and girls of all ages - from young girls to seasoned sisters in the Lord...together, we encouraged eachother to impact those around us with our story, our life, and our faith.

I look forward to seeing this wonderful group of women again soon!

Ft. Huachuca Retreat - Spring 2008


Boy, did I have a blast at this retreat. Aside from the fact that I was back with some wonderful PWOC sisters and friends, the time we spent together provided a sweet time of fellowship and encouragement. I praise God for the opportunity to speak to this group, and teach the Word.

Speaking at Mt. Zion, Jackson Way, and Robins AFB - Spring 2008

Hey friends! Here's the first installment of some photos from my speaking engagements this spring. The first is from the Mount Zion Baptist Women's Retreat, the second and third are from the Jackson Way Women's Spring Retreat, and the last two are from the Robins AFB Spring Retreat. I'll do another post with some more events listed!

Africa Memories


Though the trip to West Africa was in January, I just realized that I haven't shared photos from that journey on my blog. While I cannot share the details of location, people we met, or places we prayed, suffice it to say that the Lord is continuing to do great things in that region of the world - no matter what the enemy tries to stop, scare, or hinder. The Lord is alive, and His word is moving through the desert!

Ecuador Trip

Hey friends!

The trip to Ecuador was simply amazing. We traveled past volcanoes and mountains. We experienced a new culture with beautiful people who were warm and friendly. We prayed with numerous people while prayerwalking different areas, and even led a family to the Lord in the middle of a neighborhood street.

The retreat we led for two churches from Riobamba was wonderful. Three days of fellowship, encouragement, VBS for the kids, and celebration. At the end of our time together, we had new believers, and a baptism service that was planned for 4, but was held for 14. They kept coming forward to be baptized! Glory to God.

We look forward to going again next year, and spending time with the Maust family and their church families. God is so good to let us join Him in His work in Ecuador!