Thursday, June 01, 2006

Home Again

How do I even begin to tell you of the adventure to Brazil? I could literally spend days sharing with you the significant moments that God gave us while we were there. I could bring you to tears as well as laughter with the amazing moment by moment rollercoaster we found ourselves on. But luckily for you, the stories and the slide show will be put on hold for today...

The bottom line to the trip is that "God is faithful". He is faithful to meet our needs - travel details, safety, preparations, plans, thoughts, actions, intentions, interactions. He was in every detail. God is truly a God of details, and we felt His presence with each moment.

I praise God for the amazing group of women I traveled with, and the gifts and passions that He has given each one. As we ministered to the beautiful women of Brazil in three different International Women's Conferences, we saw a glimpse of the beauty that He sees when He looks at them. Our hearts are forever knit together with the women of Brazil, and our passion for Jesus is joined as the unity of the body of Christ should be - no matter the geographical distance or language barriers.

The most powerful testimony of the trip is that the needs of women are the same; whether they are in a small church, a large church, whether they are wealthy or without means. On this journey, God called our group of short term missionaries to inspire women in each of these demographics to share His Gospel with those around them through evangelism and women's ministry in the church. I believe that God was glorified in our attempt to lead the women closer to Him, and we were blessed by their presence much more than we could have ever blessed them. God is an amazing God, and He is worthy of all praise!

Some day I'll have to share with you some of the funny things that happened...the things that showed us that in spite of ourselves, God is able to do amazingly abundantly more than we could ever hope or imagine.

Pray for the women in your midst. Pray for the women in your nation. And pray for the women in the nations. May the women of the world rise up with a boldness to believe and declare that Jesus is the Son of God, and the source of our salvation!

Much love in Christ,